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RePro3D is a full-parallax 3D display system suitable for interactive 3D applications. The approach is based on a retro-reflective projection technology in which several images from a projector array are displayed on a retro-reflective screen. When viewers look at the screen through a half mirror, they see a 3D image superimposed on the real scene without glasses.

RePro3D has a sensor function to recognize user input, so it can support some interactive features, such as manipulation of 3D objects. To display smooth motion parallax, the system uses a high-density array of projection lenses in a matrix on a high-luminance LCD.

The array is integrated with an LCD, a half mirror, and a retro-reflector as a screen. An infrared camera senses user input.

Project members:
- Takumi Yoshida, Sho Kamuro, Kouta Minamizawa, Hideaki Nii, Susumu Tachi
Retro-reflective Projection Technology, Optical Camouflage
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